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Chapter 2 PG 13 by AnimalBook96 Chapter 2 PG 13 :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 2 5 Chibi Friends by AnimalBook96 Chibi Friends :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 5 1 Insanity: Vio by AnimalBook96 Insanity: Vio :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 5 9 Finding a new home. Ravio (ALBW) by AnimalBook96 Finding a new home. Ravio (ALBW) :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 3 0 Chapter 2 PG 12 by AnimalBook96 Chapter 2 PG 12 :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 2 2 Sexy Vio LOL by AnimalBook96 Sexy Vio LOL :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 4 2 Chapter 2 PG 11 by AnimalBook96 Chapter 2 PG 11 :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 1 4 Chapter 2 PG 10 by AnimalBook96 Chapter 2 PG 10 :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 3 6 Shin Kumurai by AnimalBook96 Shin Kumurai :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 3 0 Chapter 2 iNsaniTY by AnimalBook96 Chapter 2 iNsaniTY :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 2 3 Sasha Blouse Timeline Clock by AnimalBook96 Sasha Blouse Timeline Clock :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 4 0 Historia Reiss by AnimalBook96 Historia Reiss :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 2 0 Final chapter 1 (2) by AnimalBook96 Final chapter 1 (2) :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 4 2 Yandere Love by AnimalBook96 Yandere Love :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 19 2 Final chapter 1 by AnimalBook96 Final chapter 1 :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 4 1 (Two faces, one person) Shingeki no Kyojin: Armin by AnimalBook96 (Two faces, one person) Shingeki no Kyojin: Armin :iconanimalbook96:AnimalBook96 4 0


Hot on His Tail by AmazingArtistYellow Hot on His Tail :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 4,284 221 Vio and Spinner by Vinsent31 Vio and Spinner :iconvinsent31:Vinsent31 4 6 Everythings Small Up Here by X-Jenster-X Everythings Small Up Here :iconx-jenster-x:X-Jenster-X 17 27
Four Swords Altered Prologe
It was dark in the town of Hyrule and a bunch of thieves came in and were stealing things but before they could escape Link come's in and knocks them all out,after that his father came along with the knights and was disappointed at how his own son went in alone with a rush.
Link's Dad;Link how many times have I told you not to go into battle alone!
The boy in the green tunic dusted off the dirt as he spoke.
Link;Lost count,I already told you I don't need help, i'm good alone.
He says as he put his sword away,his dad sighed.
Link's Dad;You know sooner or later you'll have to learn that you cant always do things your way,when things get tough just remember that their'll be comrades who'll be there to help you out.
Link ignored and then waved goodbye as he went to the castle to visit Princess Zelda, but before he dose he picks a flower and decided to give it to her as a gift.
Link;-I hope she likes them-
He then makes his way to the chamber,but before he could get a chance his father was
:iconthedragonlover95:thedragonlover95 2 2
Ravioli comic pg3 by bossbetch Ravioli comic pg3 :iconbossbetch:bossbetch 33 10 A Link Between Worlds -- Princess and the Shadow by onisuu A Link Between Worlds -- Princess and the Shadow :icononisuu:onisuu 1,242 108 Ravio Portrait by Adriado Ravio Portrait :iconadriado:Adriado 171 20 I'm Sorry by xBooxBooxBear I'm Sorry :iconxbooxbooxbear:xBooxBooxBear 152 30 A Link Between Worlds - Ravio by October-Shadows A Link Between Worlds - Ravio :iconoctober-shadows:October-Shadows 286 27 Thank You by Linzuki Thank You :iconlinzuki:Linzuki 21 4 -Take it off! -NO!! by TheDarkXelloss -Take it off! -NO!! :iconthedarkxelloss:TheDarkXelloss 168 81 Misshaps of Link Roommate Ravio 2 by Alamino Misshaps of Link Roommate Ravio 2 :iconalamino:Alamino 183 37 Sobre La Mesa, Papu :v Ok No xD by VaatiMage Sobre La Mesa, Papu :v Ok No xD :iconvaatimage:VaatiMage 21 21 The link between us by Kim-SukLey The link between us :iconkim-sukley:Kim-SukLey 112 6 ALBW Ravio story by KyubiKen ALBW Ravio story :iconkyubiken:KyubiKen 83 8 Ask 14 by AskRavioandSheerow Ask 14 :iconaskravioandsheerow:AskRavioandSheerow 32 6



Chapter 2 PG 13
Finally, here is it! Promise is a promise, so... here you have PG 13.
Of course, Shadow is an hallucination from Vio, but although..... Vio is really cruel with himself,
he even blames himself for Shadow's death. For a looooong time, he won't be the calm and collected Link he once was..
Soon will be ready PG 14.
Chibi Friends
OK. This may be the cutest thing I've ever drawn  F2U: Pink Neko Blob Icon 
First, we have Link from Breath Of The Wild. Next to him, we have 
Ravio from my comic. Oooh! talking about that, don't worry; I haven't left it yet.
Page 13 is almost ready. I only have to color it, and complete the official lineart.
And at last, the original Ravio from A Link Between Worlds. 
This drawing is specially for 2 very good friends that I have in the TLOZ comunity.
Now, I've got the official name for the comic. War Soul.
The Legend Of Zelda: War Soul.  Sounds cool, right?
Thanks to be patient. I will have it ready for tomorrow, no doubt about it.

Insanity: Vio
This drawing didn't really take much time.
This is how Vio looks like in chapter 2.
Don't worry about PG 13, it's almost done.  Hhehe, people who like torture,
gore (a little bit), InsaNITY as well, will love this chapter.
Finding a new home. Ravio (ALBW)
I love this characterLove 
Ravio, from A Link between Worlds.
He's really cute, funny and don't forget about his friend Sheerow!
Ravio, Hilda, Sheerow and the Link from this game will be officially in the comic, but very far ahead.
Ravio in the story will be a very important character and one of the main ones, just like Shadow and Vio.
Ok! enough with Spoilers! this will be the only thing I'll say about the story of the comic.
Welp, here I am. This will be the first time I write a sotry in English, I'll try my best to you to understand.
Originally, The Blue Flower was a history for my school contest, but at last, I liked it as my own series.
And I decided to rewrite it to here. The original story is in Spanish but I guess the most of people in here don't understand
Spanish, so here it is in English. Well, let's get started.


* Taxedom, the chosen one of the queen, was desperately pursuing Dylan, who was jumping from building to building in Kanto, Japan.
Taxedom, that he almost lost him, he shot an arrow with his bow, made by Celestial Silver. The arrow reached Dylan, he lost the balance,
and fell in a school's rooftop.

-It's over, Dylan.- said Taxedom, pointing the tip of his sword into Dylan's neck. - You and Juev will never win, while I'm here.-

-You're getting old, Taxedom. Soon or later, the queen has to choose another one. And that moment will be... NOW!- 

Dylan, with an incredible speed, stood up, drew up his dragon skin knife and he slashed at the chest of Taxedom.
He fell on his knees grasping his chest while he dissapeared in tiny blue spheres. 
His Amber eyes looked furiously at Dylan.

-You... you fool. The queen is not who chose... is the flower!! - said Taxedom. 

When he finished those words, he totally dissapeared. It only left his silver armor. Dylan did a twisted smile.

-He he he he... whoever the flower choses, it's not a challenge for me. - He raised his punch - I am Dylan Vier! half blood-wizard and
the witch queen's son! I'll free her from her prision and everyone will regret by having us like laboratory rats!!-

With the moonlight, his red eyes and silver hair shone like dimonds. After what he said, he started to laugh as a maniac.
Welp, that's all for today. Of course I have more, in fact, I have chapter 1 and 2. But I`m working in he Bungou stray dogs fanart.
Don't worry,I'll do the left chapters, it's just that I need time,
Bye bye for now!!


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13 years/ I make FanArts of Leyend of Zelda, Undertale and other stuff


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